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UNI Medicare
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UNI Medicare
UNI Medicare
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why UNI Medicare?

When healthcare matters most

UNI Medicare experts are there to help you decide which plans and what types of coverage will best suit your needs and budget.

Medicare Basics

Medicare is a federal healthcare program primarily available for individuals 65 years and older. Original Medicare is made up of Parts A and B. Medicare Part A and Part B are designed to cover much of your healthcare needs; however, there are significant gaps in coverage. 

UNI Medicare will help you decide the best plan from the best provider, and let you focus on the life you are living. 

Client First

Your health is our first priority. Consult with our UNI Medicare experts to choose the right coverage for you.

Reliable Company

We are committed to providing world-class services throughout the US and S. Korea.

Perfect Products

UNI Medicare introduces clients to the perfect plan that fits their unique lifestyle.

Professional & Honest

We are contracted with more than eight major Medicare carriers in order to meet the needs of every client.

For a better medicare plan

Our team of UNI Medicare experts are ready to help you choose the right coverage with the right carrier.

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UNI Medicare and Health Insurance Agency knows that helping you choose the right coverage is just the start of our relationship.

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